The expressive dance from Andalusia

Flamenco is a dance for the body and the soul. Discover a fascinating form of expression of emotions such as joy, love, passion, sorrow, suffering and much more.

In class you will learn different dances and choreographies from also dealing with the fan (Abanico), hat (sombrero) and castanets (Palillos). Koordniation and entertainment, as well as exhibition and presentation soldie footwork force are trained to spirited guitar music.

In the West Harbour Studios an ongoing Intermediate Course for Part Hemer / inside with flamenco experience takes place. Individual lessons are available on upon request.

In addition Flamenco workshops will be offered, which will serve as an introduction to the dance and the movements and can be visited without any prior experience. The workshops are suitable for all dance interested people who either play with the idea with the Flamenco dance to begin or wish to train another dance.


Maria Denninghaus

 +49 179 140 51 85

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