The school of traditional Italian Belcanto

In our studio you can learn basics of sound engineering and vocal art of classical and modern music based on the traditional school of Italian bel canto
The elastic strengthens the respiratory muscles and the experience of resonance in your own body dissolves physical and mental blockages and allows beginners a deeper understanding of music and the development of an individual and crisis-proof (stage) personality. Professional singers receive individual support in addressing vocal challenges by intensive systematic training, and prevention or cure of vocal damage (caused by overexertion or improper strain) by correcting the breathing guide / -Balance and resonant work. The classes take place not only in the "behind closed doors" instead; at regular intervals (Christmas, summer festival) student concerts are organized in the premises of the West Harbour Studios, to which relatives and friends are invited to present the progress of the students. From pop music to grand opera aria can, depending on your taste, each of the young singers make their own personal favorite music and recite. These concerts are important milestones in the vocal training, because ultimately counts is what you can recite publicly ...


Claudia Denninghaus

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